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Romania - general information

Romania is located at half of distance between North Pole and the equator and it is crossed by the 45 degrees parallel. The surface of the country is 238.391 square km (meaning 12th place in the Europe). The total number of persons inhabiting the country is about 22 milions (meaning 20th place in the Europe and 49th in the World). Romania is placed on the 40th place in the World, in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In Romania, the official language is Romainan. There can be easily fonded English, French speakers and some numerous German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguesse or Russian speakers. There are some national minorities having as mother tongue Maghiar, German or, rarely, Polish or Bulgarian language. Official hour is the East European hour (GMT + 3). Statring from the last Sunday of March until last Sunday of October, official hour is adjusted for daylight saving changes (GMT + 2).

  The official currency is Romanian Leu (ROL) with its fractional coin, the ban. The currency is 100% convertible. For more details you can visit NATIONAL BANK OF ROMANIA (NBR) site!

The climate in Romania is a temperate-continental one, having four seasons. The winters are relatively could, cloudly, with frequent snowfalls and summers are reasonable hot and sunny, with small rains or moderate storms.
Annual mean quantity of precipitations is about 650 mm (for the mountains, the annual mean climbs to 1400 mm and for the littoral of the Black Sea the mean is under 400 mm).

Mean temperature in Bucharest:
-2.4 °C-0.3 °C5.2 °C11.6 °C16.9 °C20.6 °C22.8 °C22.3 °C17.8 °C11.8 °C5.5 °C-0.4 °C


a. by the plane: there are a lot of regular flights between Bucharest and the other european capitals and also to another 15 cityes in the country. National aviation operator is TAROM.

b. by the train: the railroad network links all the cities in the country. For more information you can visit: National Railway Company (CFR) site!

Distances between Bucharest and other Romanian cities.

c. by the car:
- In Romania you must drive on the right side of the road
- Documents required: passport, driving card, green card.

     Distances on road or motorways between Bucharest and other European cities.

In Romania, all the tipes of commnuication services are available. There operates well known companies like Orange or Vodafone and regional companies like Cosmote or Romtelecom. There are available roaming services for contacts in any other countries. To call from another country you must put the country code (40), followed by county code and then by the wished number.


Non-working days:
In Romania the following days are declared as official non-working days: 1 and 2 of January, the Monday after the Easter day, 1 of May, 1 December (Romanian National Day), 25 and 26 December (Christmas).

Measuring sistem in Romania is metric.

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