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The largest building in Europe - The Palace of Parliament from Bucharest, Romania

cazare transfagarasan Accomodation in Bucharest 
The Palace of Parliament (Romanian: “Palatul Parlamentului”) is the largest building in Europe, and the second one in the world, after the Pentagon.
The building has measures 270 m by 240 m, 86 m high, and 92 m underground. It has 1,100 rooms and is 12 stories tall.

Construction of the building started in 1983 as a dream of the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who was inspired in his dream by a visit to North Korea's Kim II-Sung in 1972.
The name given to the building was “The People's House” (Romanian: “Casa Poporului”), but in fact the building was destined for authorities exclusive usage.

The ambition of the dictator was, not only to build one of the largest buildings in the world, but also to use only Romanian materials, equipments, labor force and to be designed entirely by Romanian architects.

Materials used include one million cubic meters of marble, 3,500 tones of crystal, 900,000 m³ of wood, 200,000 m² of woolen carpets and, of course, a huge quantity of concrete and steel.
Almost 700 Romanian architects collaborated to design the building. Motifs from a multitude of sources are combined, creating an indefinable architectural style. Dominating is a style somehow specific to Romanian communist era (also borrowed by the buildings near the Palace). That style looks to try to be an embellishment of communist-specific style, popularly called "matchbox", further enriched with lots of marble.
Even so, in the Palace you can find rooms that may be appreciated, embracing an eclectic style, with Renaissance, German or Baroque.

It is said that 20,000 workers toiled in 24-hour shifts, seven days a week, 24 hours a day to build the Palace.
To finance the project, Ceausescu had to spend a huge amount of money, very hard to be supported by Romanian economy.

His regime systematically starved the Romanian people, exporting at low prices the main part of production. The food was rationalized; gas, heating and even electricity became a luxury for Romanian people.
It was defined a program for delivering these services to people, with everyday off-hours. It was usual to see fewer than 10 Celsius degrees in block housing. Also, it was usual to have electricity interruption, not only in houses, but also in hospitals or kindergartens. House of Parliament, Visitors Entrance

After Romanian Revolution from 1998, the new government was renamed the building as Palace of Parliament. Its main destination is to be used by Romanian Parliament, but it also houses the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC).

Tours of the building are of now available at a price between 5 and 10 EURO. Guided tours are available in several languages.
During a touristic visit you can see only about 5% of the building, but this will take about an hour and will mean more than 2 kilometers walking.



- Palace of Parliament is the tallest building in Bucharest (84m high) and is the second largest building in the world.

- The biggest administrative building for civil use in the world (World Records Academy).

- The most expensive building in the world (World Records Academy).

- The heaviest building in the world (World Records Academy).

Sala Unirii


- Construction of the building started in 1983. It was not finished until Romanian Revolution in 1989. Part of it was almost finished after the Revolution but newer it was done entirely following the initial project.

- In 1992 the balcony designated to be used by Ceausescu to address to his people (which in fact was never used by Ceausescu) was used by Mikael Jakson to address to his fans.

- In 2002, Costa Gavras filmed scenes of the film Amen in the building.

- In 2008, the Palace hosted the 20th NATO summit.

- In 2009, the Palace appeared in Episode Top Gear program. Jeremy Clarkson in an Aston Martin DBS Volante, Richard Hammond in a Ferrari California and James May in a Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder had a race in the underground tunnels of the building.


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